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If you have decided to sell your property, you may have no idea where to start or what the process entails. That’s what we’re here for – to answer your questions, to guide you through every step of the transaction, and to make sure your property gets sold.


The most important part of selling a property is selecting the right person to represent your interests. By asking the right questions, you can make sure your home selling process is a positive one. 

  • Is the Real Estate Licensee a part of the local community?
  • Do they track market trends and versed on how to use them?
  • Do they participate in local matters?
  • Would they be a good neighbor?

Also make sure you sign and understand agency contracts. Remember that the goal is to get your property sold!

Prepping for Sale

Property selling is complex and typically starts several months ahead of it going on the market. Here is what you should do to prep well:

  • Look at the property through the eyes of a buyer
  • Make the changes recommended, even though they may be hard
  • The home is now a product for the market place, not the place you raised your children. Make sure you allow yourself the time to accept that.
  • Only list when the property is truly ready, not when you want to time it for the market.


Everyone want the best price for their property. We want to make that happen. Property sales is part science, part marketing, part negotiation, and part art. These tips are some of what you may have to consider during the initial pricing strategy:

  • Value relates to local sales price. Same home elsewhere has a different value.
  • Prices are all about supply and demand.
  • Sales prices are NOT based on what the owners “need.”
  • Sales prices are NOT the whole deal. Other negotiated terms add to value for both buyer and seller.


Each home is unique, the market place is always in flux, interest rates constantly change, and new buyers search for homes each day. With such fluidity, it requires a Licensee to craft marketing plans specifically for individual homes and market conditions. Your Real Estate Professional will help with these items:

  • Prepping the home to sell at the best possible price.
  • Pricing the home at the best possible price so it will garner the most activity.
  • Marketing the home through online and offline methods.
  • Negotiate by offering advice and counsel to garner the best outcome.


Because a property sale involves an array of both personal and business concerns, it’s important to get it right. Here are some items to consider whether or not you have received an acceptable offer:

  • Is the offer at or near asking price?
  • Has the buyer buried thousands of dollars in discounts and seller costs within tiny clauses?
  • What are the seller carrying costs?
  • What if no future offers are received?
  • In most cases, the first offer is the best offer.


Some of the most complex parts of the transaction begin after the ratification of the contract. Here are some things to consider:

  • Contracts routinely depend on buyers receiving their financing. So closely inspect pre-approval letter.
  • Most transactions have a home inspection. There is no pass or fail.
  • Lender will establish conditions before granting a loan. It’s a process.
  • When should you close? Many times it’s determined by lender and other third parties.
  • What happens at closing? The “settlement” is essentially a meeting where the closing agent takes in money from the buyers and pays out where it is owed.

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